About Us

About Us


Compassionate Care House is a licensed Care Home and was founded in 2020 in Arizona to provide home based services to people with Developmental Disabilities in a number of areas of care and habilitation.

Our services are designed to maximize the functions and health of all residents within our care. We only employ highly experienced and qualified staff who will provide an exceptional level of care and support to residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Compassionate Care House is run by individuals who have 20 years of experience in the Healthcare field. We understand the importance of high quality , supportive respite care and habilitation. We pride ourselves on our level of service. We believe our company is unique due to the deep roots we have in our local community of Arizona. All our staff are sourced locally ensuring a strong community bond between carer and patient.

We believe in making a strong social impact locally and this drives and motivates us on our missión to provide the best local care and support services available in Arizona.

Here at Compassionate Care House we believe organisations with a strong social missión such as ours have a competitive advantage in the recruitment and retention of key, quality personnel resulting in increased productivity and morale amongst staff which consequently provides a warm and positive environment for our patients.


Compassionate Care House LLC is a Limited Laibility Agency. We opérate a DDD Group Home Service in the greater Maricopa and Pima Counties. Our central office is located in the heart of central Phoenix and Tucson área.

Although a new company, we are focused on becoming a major forcé in the Nursing Facility sector providing our residents with a safe and caring environment in state of the art high quality secure accommodation. We understand the importance of piece of mind for both our residents and their loved ones. We will ensure that our residents are safe, relaxed and comfortable in welcoming family and friends.

We envisage creating an environment which fosters versatility for those with developmental disabilities who have the opportunity to exercise their right to make choices, grow and contribute to their community.

We aim to créate a positive and welcoming service for our residents which will help us consistently achieve our business goals and reinforce our long-term relationships with our residents, partners and all of our employees. Our welcoming homes are tastefully decorated with all the latest facilities to ensure our residents feel at home. Our professional staff will be on hand to assist in a wide range of tasks including administering medication, bathing, preparing meals, managing appointments, shopping, having a chat, exercise programmes and much more. Compassionate Care House LLC is committed to making the lives of our residents as happy and as comfortable as possible.


Compassionate Care House strives to assist residents to achieve their máximum functioning capacity by establishing a series of specific teaching strategies which record personal goals and outcomes.

By providing a wide range of ongoing support to meet each individual´s needs we believe this has a major positive and benefical impact on the wellbeing of our residents future success. We recognise that many skills take time to develop and that changes in behaviour require ongoing support. Here at Compassionate Care House we dont believe in quick fixes; we are here for the long term, offering an extensive program of support for however long it is required. By ensuring that the expectations are clear to the individual, their family, staff, and team members, we can reduce the chances of behavioral episodes.

Setting goals allows us to objectively measure progress towards an agreed desired outcome. We promote consistency so that our team and family members work together with positive interventions and strive to apply the same expectations so that everyone on the team including the family can be successful in achieving progress.